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Mediator Certification - MC3
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MC3 Mediator Certification is Here!!

The non-profit Mediator Certification Consortium of California (MC3) was officially launched at SCMA’s Annual Conference on November 2, 2019.:   MC3 promises to elevate the mediation field using professional standards that include higher educational and training standards than those utilized by many panels both in the community and in the courts where mediation programs operate.

MC3-Certified Mediators must have a requisite amount of actual mediation experience. They agree to adhere to ethical standards, undergo background checks, be a part of a quality assurance program, and commit to continuing education requirements that our field has not yet seen.  Mediation certification is voluntary and cost less than $500.  Let MC3 know you are a SCMA member and you will be eligible for a discount to their application fees.  

Certification, The Next Step for Mediators

40% of occupations in the United States are licensed or regulated in some manner, which means that there is publicly available information on those practitioners. Mediators are in the other 60%, which means that members of the public do not have any reliable information available to them to create a comfort level in calling upon a practitioner to resolve their dispute.

MC3 certification is designed to fill those gaps as MC3-Certified Mediators will agree to be bound by the Model Rules of Conduct for Mediators set forth jointly by the American Arbitration Association, The American Bar Association, the Association for Conflict Resolution and the California Rules of Court (for litigated cases).

MC3 Certification is creating more awareness in the community for mediators who choose to meet the MC3 “Gold Standard,” yet we are doing so without imposing regulation or licensure on mediators who choose not to engage in the certification process.

Is MC3 Certification for You?

Certification is voluntary and it is both a personal and professional decision.

  • Would it be helpful to support our field’s move to become more like other professions?
  • Would you like to distinguish your background from other mediators by adhering to a higher professional standard, in terms of your experience, background and training?
  • Will letting disputants know that you have sought a higher level in the field be helpful in establishing your reputation and your practice?

If the answers to the above questions are “Yes”, then it makes sense for you to learn more and look into the MC3 application process.

I’m Interested, What’s Next?

MC3 presented a workshop at the SCMA Annual Conference on November 2, 2019 that provided a step-by-step approach to applying for certification. The workshop discussion covered a brief overview of the mediation landscape in Southern California, the thought behind mediator certification and an explanation about MC3’s certification efforts and application requirements.

MC3’s website that has detailed information about the organization, the application process and requirements, together with the reasons that all mediators might consider elevating their presence and practice with MC3. Please visit the MC3 website to learn more at:

In addition, MC3 has a newsletter with regular information pertaining to our certification and our ongoing efforts at establishing MC3-Certified Mediators as a new standard for our community and profession. To begin receiving your copy of the newsletter, please contact us and provide your name and email address to:

Establish Your Credentials.

Validate Your Experience.

Allow MC3 Certification help you define what it means to be a 21st Century Mediator.

And stay tuned. There's lots more info to come.

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