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The Southern California Mediation Association, founded in 1989, is devoted to promoting mediation as a tool for resolving conflict. Mediation empowers parties to design their own solutions to disputes that might otherwise prove costly and cumbersome to resolve in court or arbitration. Mediation can also be used to solve problems that might not be suitable for court at all. SCMA provides resources for the public to learn more about mediation, and to find mediators skilled in assisting with all kinds of disputes. To find a suitable mediator, and learn more about whether mediation can help resolve your family’s or your business’s dispute, go to the Select a Mediator page.

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Upcoming SCMA Events

SCMA presents many programs and events throughout the year ranging from Social to Networking to Education to Professional Development.

Aug 01

SCMA Pasadena Professional Development Group

August 1 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Aug 10
Aug 12


August 12 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Sep 05

SCMA Pasadena Professional Development Group

September 5 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Sep 09


September 9 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Mediation Confidentiality


Since the mid-1980s California law has protected mediation communications from disclosure in order to promote the sort of candor and openness that is essential to effective mediations.

We are compiling information, holding events and becoming a trusted resource on these issues.

Recent Articles on Mediation Confidentiality

Job and Career Opportunities

The SCMA is proud to introduce our new Job Opportunities directory. Looking for a Job? Have a Job to post?

SCMA Education Foundation


The SCMA Education Foundation’s mission is to support the education of mediators and increase public awareness of mediation. The Foundation focuses on raising public awareness of mediation so that it becomes the first option for conflict resolution in personal, professional and community disputes.

The Foundation supports the education of mediators of all ages and increased awareness of the benefits of mediation to the community.

Great news about the 2016 Challenge Grant from SCMA! With your generosity we not only reached the $1000 challenge, but exceeded it, giving the Foundation enough funds to begin distributing grants in the fourth quarter of this year! And we can’t wait for that to happen.

Our plan is to contact the schools that have existing programs and request proposals for support. The proposals might include such things as additional training for both students and educators, field trips, or even the costs of transportation so that peer mediators can attend the Peer Mediation Invitational in February. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.

In addition, the Conflict Mediation program coordinates with the Peer Counseling program, so students have access to a wide variety of peer services to support them. Read all the details and be impressed by this wonderful group on the Foundation’s home page.

The same text with one change can be used on the Foundation’s page of the SCMA site, perhaps with a title and a link on the SCMA’s home page. The last sentence of paragraph three should read, “Details of the grant procedure will be posted on the Foundation’s website, www.scmaedfoundation.org.”

We are delighted to announce that the Foundation has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Judicate West Foundation to support the development of peer mediation programs in the middle and high schools in the Los Angeles Area, and grateful to JW for its generosity. We couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity.

Peer Mediaton Programs vary widely in how they are implemented, what cases they will address, and the resources they have available in their schools. We will contact peer mediation coordinators and ask them what they might need to improve their already existing programs — perhaps funds for materials or additional trainings, or funds for transportation and/or a substitute teacher so that the students can go on a field trip. The needs vary as widely as the state of each program.

Our website is a resource center for all things
mediation, and our support for Peer Mediation Programs continues with panels and
programs. None of this work is free, and we need your support to continue.

Contribute today so the Foundation can plan its programs
knowing that they are supported by the premiere mediation association in
Southern California.